Pallansch, DeBoer headed for Miss SD pageant

Claudia Mcintosh

Claudia Mcintosh

On February 27, the stage of Doner Auditorium lit up with the excitement that is pageantry for the Miss SDSU and Miss Brookings Pageants.

The theme for the pageant was “It’s Classic!” In accordance with this theme, throughout the competition, audience members enjoyed song and dance from the ’50s and ’60s. Entertainers performed such pieces as “Dancin’ In the Street,” “I Will Follow Him,” and “Don’t Be Cruel.”

Eight talented women competed for the titles of Miss SDSU and Miss Brookings 2005. Each young woman was judged on the basis of personal interview, accounting for 40% of the total score; talent, 30%; swimsuit and formalwear competitions, 10% each; and onstage question, 10%.

All contestants prepared a talent to perform onstage. This year, all of the talent presentations were musical. The talent portion of the competition is a time for the contestants to show judges a unique part of themselves through something that they are passionate about.

At the end of the competition, Karie Pallansch was crowned Miss SDSU, and Rebecca Murtha was first runner-up. Megan DeBoer clinched the title of Miss Brookings, with Erin Brubakken becoming first runner-up.

“My favorite part of the competition was meeting all of the girls and hanging out with them. I really like the talent competition too,” said Megan DeBoer, the newly-crowned Miss Brookings. DeBoer is a 20-year-old music merchandising/business major from Brookings.

Along with the titles comes responsibility for winners to make a difference in an area that they are concerned about.

“I want to get involved in economic development on campus. I know that there are a lot of professors and organizations working with commerce, and I would like to be a listening ear. I would be a positive voice in promoting economic development. You can do anything with a positive attitude,” said Karie Pallansch, the newly-crowned Miss SDSU. Pallansch is a 22-year-old communications studies major from Veblen.

Those involved with the pageant see different reasons why the experience is good for young women.

“Being able to represent the Brookings community has been great. It is such a great community. Mostly, I hope that someone learned something from my platform over the last year,” said Amy Vickroy, the outgoing Miss Brookings.

“The scholarship for the contestants is the number one benefit of being in the pageant. The next would be the poise and confidence that the girls gain because that will help them when they interview for a job and in life,” said Kristi Richter, the executive director of the pageant. Richter was Miss SDSU in 1992 and went on to become Miss South Dakota.

Area first-graders also enjoyed the spotlight. Each contestant escorted a Little Sister, who joined her onstage for introductions and a walk in formal wear. The Little Sisters and the contestants bonded onstage and off.

“My favorite part of the experience was the Little Sisters. They were fun and my Little Sister, JoAnne, was so cute,” said Rebecca Murtha, the Miss SDSU first runner-up and competition Miss Congeniality.

The winners will represent the community and vie for further scholarships at the Miss South Dakota 2005 Scholarship Pageant in Hot Springs, SD on June 16-18.