Wecota residents rewarded for hassles

Leslie Warnke

Leslie Warnke

Wecota Hall residents have been monetarily recognized for their inconveniences with the construction on the first floor of their building.

“[Wecota residents received] $100 from Student Affairs for whatever they choose to use it for,” said Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Doug Wermedal.

Hobo Dough is accepted all over campus as well as at numerous Brookings businesses including restaurants and gas stations.

“This has been a year when many students have been inconvenienced. It’s a recognition for those students who have been inconvenienced,” Wermedal said.

Wecota residents were informed of the gift via letter to their campus mailboxes and the money was credited to their Hobo Dough accounts the week before spring break.

Although residents appreciate the gift, some said that it hasn’t done much to curb their annoyance with the construction.

“The fact that we got the $100 doesn’t change the fact that there’s still noise, so they wake us up at 7 every morning and we have to walk outside to get our mail,” said freshman Krista Evenson.

For freshman Maggie Dunnagan, the money won’t help much because she will be transferring next fall.

“We’re leaving, we’re not staying here next year, so it doesn’t help that we can’t take the money off our Hobo Dough account,” she said. “The $100 helped, but it still doesn’t make the construction better.”

Wermedal explained that in serving other SDSU students by constructing a state-of-the-art research center, the Wecota residents were unintentionally inconvenienced.

“The university wants to serve all our customers, but we’ve needed to be aggressive in our construction,” Wermedal said. “At SDSU, we have great students, and we wish it could be different.”

Since they have the money, Wecota residents said they will spend it.

“I spent some of it at the bookstore, so I’m still helping the school out,” Evenson said.

Dunnagan hopes to take full advantages money before she leaves SDSU.

“[I buy] food. We eat out a lot with it.”