“Mob” steers listeners in wrong direction

Kristin Marthaler

Kristin Marthaler

While preparing for this week’s issue Monday night, we were alerted to the commotion outside.

As the Collegian staff sat waiting for the power to come back on, we found out that there was a “mob” outside, vandalizing the campus.

Hearing the word “mob” and that the group was on the move, I have to admit it scared the staff.

Linking arms and leaving the Union with caution, we found that there were students out and about just chanting. Realizing our misconception, we jumped in our cars to cover the story.

At first, the “mob” seemed to fill the streets and surround the cars. Upon listening to the chants, we found the “mob” seemed to be in quite a good mood. They were chanting, “Go Big Blue.”

A misconception usually occurs when peoplehear there is a “mob” terrorizing campus.

Watching the crowd from the distance, I stood in amazment as students yelled, “Run, they are about to spray us with water!”

What would possess students on campus at 1:00 a.m. to run to the edge of campus, chanting, streaking and breaking property?

Students didn’t realize with all the commotion how bad this would look for SDSU in the morning. Now in the aftermath, there is campus vandalism and nothing to show for it, except students who got bored during a power outage.

SDSU has a lot of respectable aspects, and this minor incident last night turned the tables. We may have the highest enrollment, but do we have the highest level of maturity and judgment?

Thanks to those students who tried to pursuade other students away from vandalism. Those stories are the ones that should be heard.