Women’s championship game leaves no doubt about winner

Will Oliver

Will Oliver

The women’s intramural flag-football championship game played out Thursday, featuring two of the best State has to offer: Psych Ward and the Puntin’ Pussy Cats.

The game turned out to be a second half blowout. The Puntin’ Pussy Cats were crowned the victor with a 28-6 win, but the first half remained competitive.

With the game scheduled for 8 p.m., the lights flickered on five minutes before kickoff, leaving little time for warm-ups. The two teams colliding in the championship match were not fazed though. Even with the lights on, neither team warmed up. The Psych Ward huddled and talked strategy, while the Puntin’ Pussy Cats elected to talk about hunting.

Upon receiving the kick, the Puntin’ Pussy Cats, consisting of ex-SDSU athletes, set the tone of the game with a halfback pass for 20 yards. The following play resulted in a 30-yard touchdown pass from the Puntin’ Pussy Cats’ quarterback Megan Otte to a receiver down the middle of the field.

They failed on the two-point conversion attempt.

As skillful as the Puntin’ Pussy Cats offense seemed, the Cats would prove to be equally gifted on defense. Smothering coverage and a tumultuous rush forced the Pysch Ward into a quick three-and-out.

Junior Carrie Dickmeyer fielded the ensuing punt and returned the kick 45 yards for another Puntin’ Pussy Cats touchdown. Failing to convert the two-point conversion, Puntin’ Pussy Cats jumped out to a quick 12-0 lead.

After throwing an interception, the Psych Ward showed signs of life by forcing the Puntin’ Pussy Cats into a fourth and long, and producing a turnover on downs.

With a minute thirty left in the first half, the Psych Ward, a name inspired by a team made up mostly of nursing majors on the psychiatric rotation, took over on their own 8-yard line. In the midst of three defenders, senior Jessica Lustfield made a leaping grab. Weaving, dodging and occasionally sidestepping, the nursing major left a trail of defenders in her wake en route to a 52-yard reception and the team’s first score. The Psych Ward trailed 6-12 going into halftime.

The second half exhibited the sheer dominance of the Puntin’ Pussy Cats’ physical superiority. They held the Psych Ward scoreless while posting 16 points themselves. Although losing handily, Psych Ward players were pleased with their performance.

“[Puntin’ Pussy Cats] haven’t been scored on all season,” said senior Krista Williams. “We came and did what we wanted to do, scoring on them.”

Regardless of their overpowering defensive record, Puntin’ Pussy Cats quarterback Otte denied expecting winning.

“We knew we had a good chance to win,” she said.

The Puntin’ Pussy Cats will travel to the University of South Dakota in Vermillion to determine a state champion.