Eight Below tugs heart

Tiffany Haynes

Tiffany Haynes

Eight Below is a real tear-jerker. Paul Walker (“Joy Ride”) and Jason Biggs (“American Pie” series) deliver compelling performances as guides working in Antarctica.

Gerry (Paul Walker) takes scientists to explore in Antarcitca. To travel, Gerry uses six Siberian huskies and two malamutes to pull the sled and the scientists.

Gerry, a scientist, and the eight dogs go on a search for a rock. Along the way, they encounter several obstacles.

On their way home, they have a run-in and the good scientist obtains a few injuries. The group returns safely to base-camp, but is forced to leave due to a thunderous storm headed their way. There isn’t enough room for the dogs to come along, and Gerry hesitantly ties them up outside and promises to come right back for all of them.

Sadly, the storm is larger than expected and no planes are allowed to fly back. Despite Gerry’s attempts to convince people to fly back, he is forced to leave the dogs. The big question is will the dogs survive an Antarctic winter alone?

The one concern I have with the movie is the Leopard Seal graphics. I assure, I looked up what the Leopard Seal looks like and they were correct. However, the animation was not very realistic.

This is a Disney movie, but don’t let that fool you. I never cry at movies, not even the Notebook, but I cried throughout this entire movie. This movie keeps you guessing and crying until the very end.

Disney hit created another masterpiece with this movie. I’m sure that it will be an instant classic. If not for having gorgeous Paul Walker in it, then for having eight beautiful dogs as the main characters.