Letter to the Editor: Parade Policy-Jacks for Life


Hobo Day is a chance for school organizations to show their school spirit. To show school spirit, members of Jacks for Life participated in Paint the Town, the One-Month Club, Hobos vs. Hunger and Hobos CAN do it.

Jacks for Life was also approved to participate in the Hobo Day parade. The afternoon before the parade, members of one group approached [Grand Pooba] Sarah French listing their grievances about what our float contained. Primarily, those members denounced the use of the words “for life” on our banner. Our banner only stated “JACKS FOR LIFE” in school colors. Jacks for Life is our approved student organization name. We did not in any way violate the parade rules. We didn’t enter the parade to promote any societal, political or religious issues; we entered solely to show school spirit. In fact, our float consisted of members pulling a toy covered wagon and passing out candy.

As Hobo Day chair of Jacks for Life, I was disappointed that we couldn’t participate, but I had to make a decision. In the short time we had to make a decision, the executive board decided to pull out of the parade for the safety of Jacks for Life members.

It is unfortunate that one group lacked the unifying spirit of Hobo Day which resulted in this particular situation.

Mollie TurbakHobo Day chair,Jacks for Life