Safari Lounge to hold These Hearts

Julie M. Frank

Julie M. Frank

These Hearts will perform at the Safari Lounge on Dec. 15 at 10 p.m.

These Hearts, based out of Fargo, ND, originally formed in 2006 as These Hearts Turn Quickly, according to their MySpace page. After a “three-month lay-off” the band re-emerged in September 2007 with new members, a shortened name and new music.

Currently the band consists of Ryan, guitar and lead vocals; Skyler, 21, bass and backing vocals; Daryl, 18, guitar; and Isaiah (Zeus), 18, drums.

The group classifies their music as “screamo/hardcore/punk,” according to their MySpace page, and is looking for a label. Some of the group’s influences include Senses Fail, Silverstein, Burden A Day, Write This Down, Nodes of Ranvier and more.

Their new song, “Determining Policy,” is available for listening at their MySpace page ( The song has a strong guitar presence and a beat resembling a mix of Green Day and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The lyrics are both screamed and sung. They reflect the end of a relationship where one partner has high expectations, but does not fulfill them on their part: “You never take into account/ who I am and where I want to be/ I ask that from you because/ you expect that from me.”

The band Web log on their MySpace said they will “be heading into the studio at the end of Xmas break.” This summer they will be touring the Midwest playing on the Small Pants Big Personality tour. The band is currently playing weekend shows around the Midwest, including the Safari Lounge.

“I’m always open to new bands and open to new sounds,” said Amber Kontz, manager of the Safari Lounge.

Kontz, who had never heard of These Hearts, said that the band contacted her to ask if they could play. As of now, the show will be free and a donation bucket will be passed around for the band.

The Safari Lounge-which is located at 421 Main Ave.-regularly hosts bands, and Kontz has a goal of a band each weekend and ultimately each Friday and Saturday night.

Bands at the Safari Lounge consist of a variety of genres. “Jam bands,” sets of improvision-like performance, often play at the Safari Lounge, and recently a bluegrass band performed. Kontz also had a hip-hop group booked, but they cancelled.

Kontz encourages feedback about bands, whether they previously played at the Safari Lounge or if customers would like to see a band. Check out the Safari Lounge’s Facebook group to learn about upcoming bands.