College Connoisseur talks about Pub Crawl

Brandon Van Meter

Brandon Van Meter

Pub Crawl is serious business.

I am looking forward to drinking too much and yelling really loudly – all before going home for dinner. It’s great to have thousands of others with you while you have the 12th round by 2 p.m. It helps mask the constant fear of being an alcoholic.

In case you’ve never branched out from Coors Light, Pub Crawl can be the perfect opportunity to expand your beer universe. Be sure to have plenty of the cheap drinks, but if you’re willing, take my advice and have one of these fine brews:

Schell’s 1878 Einbecker Doppelbock – Skinner’s Pub

Once again, I’m left in awe. Schell’s Brewery is gearing up for its 150th anniversary in 2010. Until then, eight beers will be released at participating bars in relation to important dates in Schell’s history. The release of this excellent doppelbock coincides with founder August Schell’s birth on Feb. 15, 1828.

According to Schell’s Web site, the recipe originates from Einbeck, Germany, in the 14th century. Like in a drunken fairy tale, it became a revered brew of Germany. The Royal Court craved their fix of the magical brew, even when it was located 300 miles away. The best thing is it still tastes amazing in the 21st century. It’s rich, heavy and has enough malt to grow a forest of hair on your chest. Even better, it’s conveniently located in downtown Brookings.

Red Hook ESB – Cubby’s Sports Bar and Grill

This ale is what put Red Hook on the map. This beer is very English and extra bitter. Actually, ESB stands for Extra Special Bitters, which will cause about half of you to stop reading. I ask-neigh, demand-you give this brew a chance. Yes, you could chip a tooth on all of the flavor. However, I promise the balanced and smooth taste will have you coming back for more. Every time I step into Cubby’s, this ESB manages to get into my stomach.

Schell’s Dark – Skinner’s Pub and Cubby’s Sports Bar and Grill

I know; this is the second Schell’s beer on my list. Don’t worry, I know I’m a slave for everything this little brewery pumps out; that’s beside the point. The name “Dark” scared most of my friends. Schell’s isn’t lying; this beer is dark. However, the sweetness and overall flavor goes down smooth. It’s great way to wean yourself off of all the different light beers.

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