Sports editor wonders why we should hate?

Ariy-El Boynton

Ariy-El Boynton

Two weeks ago in a respected in-state publication, I read two words, “Hate state.”

Nine letters that carry a strong message (and not a very positive one at that).

Later, I will ponder the “hate state” debate, but now I want to discuss what was also said in this newspaper column.

It claimed (and I swear I am not making this up) due to SDSU and the University of South Dakota no longer playing in team sports, the Coyotes’ fan base has been subdued.

It argued that the respected students who attend the university in Vermillion have lost love for the Coyotes due to no SDSU/USD rivalry.

The column also said USD is winning championships and playing teams with recognizable names (unlike some schools?), but the USD students are apathetic towards their Coyotes.

Not to be outdone, the writer claimed that the lack of a USD/SDSU rivalry is killing college athletics in the state of South Dakota.

First off, if this writer’s claim is true, that USD students have given up on Coyotes’ athletics, who’s to say it will be picked up ever?

If the column is true, then for four long years the Coyotes have not cared about school spirit. How does an opposing team change school spirit? Is it a Jackrabbit wand? What’s going on here?

As for the lack of a game killing college athletics in South Dakota, to quote Dr. Cox from Scrubs: “Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong; you’re wrong, you’re wrong.”

Back to the “hate state” claim, I might suggest a different approach. While mine will be three words, I still think it looks pretty.

Embrace the U.

That’s right; don’t hate. Love!

Both USD and SDSU have great kids attending these respective schools. Why can’t the Jacks and Coyotes build bridges, instead of walls?

Why should Coyotes and Jackrabbits fans disrespect each other?

Both schools’ fans should show class and wish each other good luck when either school faces another school.

Scrolling through The Collegian archives about what has been written about the in-state rivalry, I found an interesting piece comparing what the rivalry means to one writer.

The former editor compared the Jackrabbit and Coyote match-up to two armies fighting for way more than just school pride. He claimed that he would rather have SDSU lose all the games than not to lose to USD.

If the game was a “war” before SDSU moved to D-I, I’d like to think it’s now like the Cold War.

The Cold War, for you non-history majors out there, was the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Union (USSR).

Both the USA and USSR grew stronger due to fear of the other one’s growth in power.

This could be the same situation for USD and SDSU, as both schools could use each other as a motivation to succeed.

One day these schools will meet on the basketball court or the football field, but it won’t be sooner than later. After all, absence makes the heart grow fonder.

At times, in the war of words through Internet conversations, I feel that the only way USD fans will be satisfied with the move to D-I is if USD and SDSU land in the same conference.

If I am correct, then I believe the University of South Dakota got into Division I for all the wrong reasons.

The ‘Yotes should measure success based on their merits, on only wins and losses and not other schools.

Both USD and SDSU has seen success in D-I so far.

SDSU won the Summit League regular season in volleyball and women’s basketball in 2007. The Jacks also won the Great West Football Conference title, last year.

This year, the Jacks have already won the Summit League regular season title in soccer and are projected to finish first in women’s basketball.

USD has seen success in their short time of being a D-I program. McNeese State will come to the Dakota Dome next year in football. The Coyote men’s basketball team will play at Notre Dame on Dec. 2.

Fresh off making the D-II national championship game, the USD women’s basketball team will play Colorado State this basketball season.

Along with USD making the Great West in football, other Coyote teams will be blessed with a new league one year out from making the jump. It took SDSU three years to land a league.

USD will be joined by North Dakota, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Utah Valley and University of Texas-Pan American in the Great West Conference.

With both schools seeing success, I would suggest USD and SDSU celebrate each other’s success and feed off it until the rivalry one day continues.