Mid-Issue Update


Here’s some stories to look for in the Feb. 4 issue of The Collegian:

*Has the economy hit your wallet? Are you having a hard time finding a job? Get financial tips and learn interview skills in two stories by Kali Lingen.

*Construction on the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Building (formerly called Harding Hall South) is almost complete. Learn more about the building and why it’s needed in an article by Ashley Wulf.

*Tyrannosaurus Rex, triceratops and stegosaurus, oh my! Did you know that SDSU has a class about the biology of dinosaurs? Neither did we. Tony Gorder will enlighten us all.

*What motivates students to be on Students’ Association (SA)? As the elections draw closer, Ruth Brown talks with current senators about the student government association. Ashley Wulf also talked with Chris Daugaard and Eric Hanson, SA president and vice president respectively, about their term thus far.

*Food science, nutrition and hospitality students will soon get an upgrade in lab facilities. Read about the remodeling project in a story by Katrina Sargent.

*Do you like to read? Get all the information about the Brookings Public Library and its services in an article by Jamie Anderson.