Letter to the Editor: Second Amendment


The Second Amendment acknowledges the God-given right to one’s life and the ability to defend that life. Many individuals oppose self- defense on campus, which unfortunately comprises the majority view. However, majority rule does not justify violation of a right. The Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment exist to protect the minority from the majority.

When discussing the issue of concealed carry on campus, a logical study of facts must form beliefs rather than emotion based opinions. According to state law, concealed carry on campus remains 100 percent legal to this day. Passing the current Legislation would only reaffirm the pre-existing right to self-defense; it would not change any current law. It must also be noted that while South Dakota law prohibits concealed carry in bars, courthouses, and K-12 schools, the South Dakota Board of Regents is not free to add to this list. The privilege of modifying these restrictions solely lies with the Legislature. Finally, only permit holders may legally carry concealed weapons in South Dakota. These permit holders (one in 12 South Dakotans), through their ability to legally carry concealed weapons without mishap or injury to society, have proven that concealed carry constitutes a safe practice. Nothing suggests that these same people are any less qualified to carry on campus than off.

When discussing concealed carry on campus, consider facts rather than majority opinion. E-mail or call your representatives and tell them to support your right to self-defense.

Brian EckrichPresident SDSU Rifle Association