Letter to the Editor: One too many beers changed this life forever


What was the point of this article? I have read it numerous times and have failed to see the point. Was it to glorify a rapist? Was it to say women lie about rape? I am confused because after reading many other articles on this situation I see a very different story. As reported by the Associated Press by Teresa Cerojano, Nicole did not know Smith when he grabbed her at the bar, but one of her friends knew him and said it was ok to go dance with him. In addition, many did not feel Smith was innocent. The protest outside the court hearing were not in Smith’s favor – it was over the outrage of him and his friends raping this woman. “Jail the Yankees” was the exact words they used in the protest. She did not go willing with Smith and his friends, but rather was carried out of the bar and then thrown out of the van half-naked. Where was the loud music Mr. Salas writes in his article? There was no loud music but rather the rest of his friends cheering him on as he raped Nicole. I think the medical report says enough about what happened to Nicole. Cerojano (2006) writes, “Dr. Rolando Ortiz II of the James Gordon Memorial Hospital in Olongapo city, west of Manila, earlier testified that the accuser suffered bruises on her arms, legs and genital area that were consistent with a sexual assault.” Exactly what was Smith’s intent?

Lee WalravenAllied Health Promotions, Nutrition and Health Science student