Sculptural pieces in new museum exhibit


The artwork featured in the exhibition “Textural Structures: Selected works from the South Dakota Art Museum” consists mainly of sculptural pieces collected by the South Dakota Art Museum over the past 40 years.

“The artwork was selected for its aesthetic and artistic structural and surface qualities,” said John Rychtarik, curator of exhibits at the Art Museum.

The exhibition shows the significant depth of the collection with pieces created by local, regional and nationally-known artists. Works demonstrate the use of a variety of materials, both natural and man-made. Outer surfaces of the pieces or structures include natural textures or those manipulated in a variety of ways.

Light and shadows can affect the appearance of each of the pieces. Those with reflective surfaces can create an illusion of texture depending on their surroundings, according to the curators.

“The exhibit installation, the space, light, the pieces’ projected shadows, are all elements that engage its viewers to experience the pieces from the sensorial, spatial, conceptual and mnemonic viewpoints,” said Leda Cempellin, art historian and assistant professor in the SDSU Visual Arts Department.

The diverse body of artwork, including work by SDSU alumnus and professional artist, Carol Hepper and interim head of the SDSU Visual Arts Department, Tim Steele, help the viewer experience and understand the many possibilities.

“The variety and quality of the artwork within “Textural Structures” demonstrates the Museum’s commitment to recognize artistic achievement by artists, especially our local and regional artists,” said Rychtarik.