SDSU students visit 5th graders for National Agriculture Day


National Agriculture Day was held to celebrate and recognize agriculture across the nation.

Photography Editor

Students of the Ag-Bio Prexy Council  hosted the inaugural SDSU Student Agriculture Day on March 15, which coincided with National Agriculture Day.

In honor of the event, the Ag-Bio Prexy Council organized a one-day event to speak with fifth graders at Camelot Elementary School.

During the event, SDSU students discussed where the ingredients for pizza come from.

Seth Spronk, member of the Ag-Bio Prexy Council and agricultural engineering major, spoke about the role pork plays in the production of pizza ingredients, such as pepperoni.  Spronk said that the purpose of the event was to teach the students about dairy, wheat and pork farms, and about where their food comes from.

After the event, the fifth graders and their teachers enjoyed a pizza party and asked questions about the presentation.

Along with the presentation from the Ag-Bio Prexy Council, other events were held in honor of National Agriculture Day including booths set up around campus to raise awareness and a free meal at the Animal Science building.  Following the meal, Kevin Murphy, Food Chain Communications founder, spoke on issues that affect today’s agriculture in his speech, “The Food Morality Movement.”

Mark Misar, president of the Ag-Bio Prexy Council, said this new, one-day event is a great way for SDSU students to speak with consumers and build a connection with people who may have a misunderstanding about food production.