Proposed fee increase is the right idea, just at the wrong time


Issue: The Students’ Association proposed a $3.38 per credit hour increase to the General Activity Fee, and will present the proposal to the Board of Regents at the end of March; the Regents have said they oppose this GAF increase.

With higher education facing a daunting 10 percent budget cut and tuition likely to rise for the coming academic year, it’s a bad time to increase any other fees that are not truly necessary for SDSU.

The Students’ Association did a great job in finding out what students want and how much students are willing to pay. The services and amenities — such as another nurse practitioner and Phase II construction for both the Wellness Center and the Performing Arts Center — are all great projects. Students want those things, and we do too.

But, as former SA President Brett Monson acknowledged, now — with tuition costs rising and a poor economy — is not the best time.

The current fee is $24.80 per credit. Many students have a difficult time paying for the costs of college as it is. We don’t need another $3.38 per credit on top of everything else.

BOR officials have said the Regents will most likely oppose SA’s proposal out of concern for “keeping costs low for students.” We think this is a responsible position to take.

Stance: SA’s GAF increase proposal has good intentions and would provide students with some great facilities and services. However, this is an increase for another, less financially-stressed year. We hope the BOR formally opposes any GAF increase at their meeting at the end of the month.

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Tony Gorder, Editor-in-Chief

Emma DeJong, Managing Editor

Elizabeth Reiss, Opinion Editor

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