Big game picks

Sports Staff

The sports staff of The Collegian usually doesn’t make picks on games. Hardly ever.

Except for this time each year, when we do our best “Carnac the Magnificent” and try to predict the future, or maybe just the Super Bowl.

Ultimately, we don’t have much more of a clue than Keyshawn Johnson, Jerry Rice or any other NFL-great-turned-washout-analyst on television. What we do know is that the game is a rematch of the meeting from four years ago in Arizona, when the Giants’ Eli Manning went all Houdini and David Tyree did arguably the most with his 15 minutes of fame compared to anyone else in world history. What will Tom Brady do this time in the Super Bowl to retaliate for that loss? Because we’re America and we like football and TV, we’ll be watching.

Travis Kriens-

What most people remember about the Super Bowl four years ago is David Tyree’s catch and the Giants ending the Patriots perfect season. What nobody remembers is that it was one of the most unforgettable and pedestrian Super Bowls that I can ever remember watching through the first three quarters.

It was LSU vs. Alabama before LSU vs. Alabama. The score was 7-3 with 12 minutes left before three touchdowns and three lead changes in the fourth made it a memorable championship game. I don’t expect it to be as memorable this year although each of the last four Super Bowls has been decided in the final minutes. The way the Giants got to this point is kind of ironic considering they defeated the Packers and the Giants are basically this years Packers; a team that barely made the playoffs and got hot late. Especially since the Packers last year don’t even make the playoffs if the Eagles DeSean Jackson doesn’t return that punt for a touchdown at New York late last year.

I am also interested in the QB matchup because either Eli Manning will become the 11th QB to win more than one Super Bowl or Tom Brady will join Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana as the only ones to win four.

Giants 30, Patriots 20

MVP: Eli Manning


John Green-

As Feb. 5 quickly approaches, all the thoughts of the everyday sports fan have turned to one thing: Super Bowl XLVI.  For the next few days, anyone can have an opinion, no matter how invalid it most likely is.

On paper, both teams are evenly matched by and large.  That being said, who has the edge?  Will it be the Giants and their droves of bandwagon fans?  Or New England, the most hated team in all of football (at the moment)?

I believe that it comes down to one word: revenge.  Tom Brady will not let this game slip away.  He simply has too much at stake.   With a win this Sunday, Brady can cement himself as one of the all-time best, claiming four Super Bowl rings.  On Sunday evening, the New England Patriots will walk off the field with their fourth title in ten years, to the disgust of most in America, and to the cheers of their loyal fans.


Spencer Chase-

I’m going to say something that could make me the most wanted man in the upper-northeast region of the U.S.: I think Tom Brady is an overrated quarterback. I honestly don’t see why so many have anointed him the savior of all things QB. Don’t get me wrong, I think he knows how to throw a heck of a football, but as soon as an effective pass rush gets in his face, he’s one tuck rule away from mediocre.

The more the Giants can get in the face of the Brady, the more time Eli Manning will have to throw the ball around to the talented group of Giants receivers that have emerged this season. Also, has anyone noticed how dreadfully bad the Patriots’ pass defense is? I’ll take the Giants in a heartbeat.


Marcus Traxler-

It really appears to be the lesser of two evils. New York versus Boston. Geez, what a new story line. Might as well play this at Fenway Park with Derek Jeter. Or Knicks and Celtics, finally rivals again!

Anyway, the point of this is  the Super Bowl. I’ve mostly avoided the networks and try to carry that plan out through Sunday. I’ve come to respect Tom Brady now that he’s cut his hair and doesn’t look like a caveman, but the rest of the Patriots know where they can put it.

With it being a rematch of the 2008 “Bowl,” the focus of the Giants will be on defense. If you remember back to that game, New York neutralized the Patriots with their pass rush and that likely could be the case again. The Patriots are better on offense now (yes, better than the 16-0 season) but I don’t think the revenge factor will be in play here as much as some say.

Since you all want to hear my predictions, here they are: Madonna will not be very good at halftime, showing she’s past her prime at 53. The best commercial will not be by a beer company and Indianapolis will be a great host. As for the game, New England has, arguably, the weaker defense so I’ll take the Giants by a touchdown, 23-16, making it two rings for the youngest Manning kid.