Students compete to re-name C-stores

Noah Brown

 Students and staff on campus have a unique opportunity to re-name the Jackrabbit Village and Larson Area convenience stores in a contest running through March 21.

Any student, staff, or faculty member can submit a paper entry in the 140 office of The Student Union, or electronically through Facebook. There will be first and second-prize winners at each location with first prize winning $250 in Hobo Dough and second prize winning $100 in Hobo Dough.

Over the last year and a half while both convenience stores have been in operation, there has been some confusion mixing the two locations up.

“If you were to say ‘I am going to run down to the C-store,’ I wouldn’t know where to find you,” says Ashley Kuecker, a graduate assistant who helps with student affairs.

The convenience stores are the only way for students on campus to buy basic items like milk, bread, chips, and toiletries.

“I use the [Larson] C-store every day!” said Aaron Fowler, a sophomore general studies student. “It’s open late and you don’t even have to leave the building [if you live in Binnewies or Young Hall].”

A similar contest was held last year, not to re-name, but to finally give an official title to the school mascot. The winning entry was, of course, “Jack.”

“This contest really gives students and staff an opportunity to leave their mark on campus,” says Ashley Kuecker.

Students like Thomas Brinker and Maggie Aldrich, both seniors on the University Program Council, already have long lists of names to submit in hopes of winning first prize. While many want to keep those submissions a secret for fear of copy-cats, one entry that was submitted by an anonymous source gives reference to the popular rap song “Rack City” by naming the new C-stores Jack City, and Snack City.