Berreth, DeJong provide proven leadership for SDSU

Editoral Board

Issue: There are three sets of running mates up for next year’s Students’ Association president and vice president.

The election days are April 3 and 4, and we at The Collegian think there is one right choice: Jameson Berreth and Wyatt DeJong.

For one, they’ve got the experience.

Berreth has served on SA for two years now, this past year as the State and Local Chair. DeJong spent a year as the central region vice president for National Future Farmers of America, from October 2010 to October 2011.

When we were told these two students were teaming up to represent and lead our student body, we couldn’t have been happier. Not only are they the best choice on this ballot; they would be viable candidates on any ballot. And we don’t throw out praises carelessly.

This has nothing to do with the fact that they share a part of their names with members of the Editorial Board. For real. There is actually no relation.

The choice is simply obvious. In a conversation with either Berreth or DeJong, it takes only minutes to know they are natural leaders. They are friendly, charismatic and always genuinely interested.

But personable personalities do not equate to good leaders. We are confident that if elected, this pair will actually accomplish realistic tasks. We base this upon their history. Last fall, Berreth was a key student in getting the Legislature to discuss the Good Samaritan Alcohol Policy — even if it was voted down.

The two other pairs are Jared Ellefson and Libby Trammell, and Brady Duxbury and Josh Johnson.

Both pairs have admirable qualities, but they just don’t match up to Berreth and DeJong. They don’t have the amount of leadership experience, and their reach on campus is much smaller.

We are quite aware many students may not know what the Students’ Association is. (Read the inside section to find out.) But if you are on campus at all next week, you won’t miss the posters, flyers, sidewalk chalk and free candy bombarding you.

Don’t be that person whose vote is won by a Tootsie Pop. Vote for the qualified candidates: Berreth and DeJong.

Stance: Vote for Jameson Berreth and Wyatt DeJong.

Editorial Board:

Emma DeJong, Editor-in-Chief

Hannah Baker, Managing Editor

Jamison Lamp, Opinion Editor

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