Campus attention on ‘When in Brookings’ blog

Noah Brown

The hottest new viral sensation on campus isn’t “Gangnam Style” or cat videos. It is the website “When in Brookings.” On Aug. 17 the Tumblr page began posting GIFs and captions that poked fun at life in Brookings and around SDSU.

The “When in Brookings” Twitter feed already has over 400 followers, and the Tumblr page has caught the eyes of students.

“I think the blog is very entertaining,” said Amy Pasek, a junior who is a member of the Alpha Xi Delta sorority. “A lot of students look at a post, nod and laugh because it’s so accurate. Plus, it portrays not only campus life but aspects of Brookings in general.”

The “When in” style of blog is not an entirely new concept, with many of them across the country tailored to different cities. According to the creator, the specific idea for a Brookings edition came after seeing the “When in Sioux Falls” blog.

“I thought it was a really neat idea, and since I’ve spent so much time in Brookings, it was an easy decision which city to choose,” the creator said. “I thought SDSU students would get a kick out of it — plus they are the perfect audience to read content on Tumblr and Twitter.”

The creator of the blog agreed to speak with The Collegian under the condition of anonymity. However, the person required that the interview be done through email in order to avoid the risk of being identified.

Presumably he or she has Internet access at his or her secret lair under the Campanile.

“I decided to keep the blog anonymous, not because I was worried about people finding out who I am, but because this type of blog should focus on the content, not the author,” the creator said. “When people know who is responsible, it devalues the humor.”

The creator disclosed that they are a former SDSU student not living on campus.

The person running the site hears others talking about the blog every so often.

“I’ve heard a few people mention the blog,” the creator said. “Most of the time they say something like, ‘I’m pretty sure I know who it is.’ Then they go on to say how they know who is responsible and why. I just laugh to myself and play along.”

There are more than 50 posts on the site that range from Bill Cosby reacting to SDSU cookies and cream ice cream for the first time to Bert from Sesame Street reading a book in The Union.

According to the creator, almost all of the content on the site is original. In fact, there are another 50 posts queued and ready to go up.

“I try to base it on my personal experiences in Brookings and stories that I’ve heard from friends. I also follow news and current events happening in Brookings so that I make sure the content is fresh,” the creator said.

“It’s one of those things where it’s hilarious even if you don’t understand it,” said Laura Pierson, a sophomore studying pre-nursing. “I have looked at every single one and still wonder who makes them.”

Anyone can submit a post to the site, but according to the creator only a handful of student submissions have been received.

“I’d love for more reader engagement,” the creator said.