Names for new halls are up for suggestions

Noah Brown

SDSU will accept nominations to name the new residence halls that will comprise Jackrabbit Grove. Nominations will be accepted from students, staff, alumni, faculty and other friends of the university. The deadline to submit a nomination is Oct. 15.

The nomination process was also used to name the three buildings in Jackrabbit Village.

“We were very pleased with the response we got for the Jackrabbit Village names,” said Doug Wermedal, associate vice president for Student Affairs.

There was a large amount of input and eventually the names Abbott, Thorne and Spencer were given to the buildings. All were named after former students at SDSU.

A task force comprised of faculty, administrators, an Alumni Association representative and students will screen the submissions before sending them to the naming committee chaired by Provost Laurie Nichols. That committee will then forward a proposal to President Chicoine, who will give the final proposal to the Board of Regents for approval.

Wermedal said that creating a contest out of the naming process would trivialize the importance of building names.

“Having a name put up on a building means a lot to the family and is a great honor,” Wermedal said. “It is something that we take very seriously.”

Contests have been used in the past to determine the names of dining locations on campus and notably to give an official name to the school mascot. Pastabilities and Food for Thought are examples of names given by students.

This may not be the last opportunity for students and other members of the SDSU community to voice their opinions on building names. The success of the nomination program means that it may continue as the naming process for future residence halls and academic buildings.

All nominations can be emailed to Doug Wermedal at [email protected] and must be sent in no later than October 15.