NFL Draft isn’t just for the boys

By Amanda Siefken

The best day of the year is for sure the NFL Draft. 

Yes, I know that it is not common for girls to love the draft, but what is the fun in being common right? This will be the fourth year in a row that I will watch the draft with lists of the team order as well as the assumed list of candidates on each side of me. This, in my opinion, is one of the biggest days in football all year long, and is a close second to the Super Bowl. The first Sunday Night game is probably the third biggest football day though, with the new Faith Hill rendition of the infamous song waiting to be revealed.

This will be the first year that I will not have cable to watch the draft, so I will have to fight to the death for a seat in the Brown Hall lobby. Sounds like fun right? To be surrounded by guys in jerseys that, in all reality, know nothing about the draft. The average girl only reserves the TV for things like “The Voice” or “American Idol” so I can just imagine the looks I will be getting on Thursday when I break out my lists of the future NFL stars.

Seeing Roger Goodell come out onto the stage for the first time gives me goose bumps and gets me excited for another season. It is a bit of a tease because it is a touch of football, yet we all still have to wait months for the first game. After finally getting into the swing of baseball season, the NFL rears its addictive head once again. When I think about football, I want cool October Sundays with the fire lit and family gathered eating the most unhealthy foods on the planet, yet right now all I want is a little sunshine a break from the snow.

Being a Denver Broncos fan has not always been easy, yet it is getting better, but when the draft comes around every year, fans from across the divisions come together. Yes, I naturally want what is best for my orange crush, but I also just watch for the love of football. Seeing all of the college men with their families hoping to get picked, and to change their lives forever. Watching the NFL draft is literally seeing dreams come true and seeing how much everyone loves the sport. The way the draft is set up seems logical and quite efficient, which is surprising coming from the NFL, but if they had to only get one thing right, I am glad that it is this. 

No matter what team’s jersey you have in your closet, or how many games you actually watch during the year, I highly suggest watching at least a part of the draft this year. There will be moments that will be talked about all year long, and who knows, this could be the draft of the next John Elway or the next Peyton Manning … yeah I am kind of a Broncos addict, but really, watch the draft; Just please don’t do it in Brown Hall, I already claim one of those spots.