Club makes great strides to learn about history

By Katherine clayton Reporter

The History Club has been a part of SDSU for over seven years. This year they have held several events and meetings and currently have five officers. 

“…We really don’t keep tabs on memberships,” said Summer Mette, the president of the History Club. “I became president after becoming more involved in history classes. The History Club adviser confronted me about being president.”

Including Mette, serving as officers are Vice President Paige Roos, Secretary Stephen Ewers, Treasurer Mariah Sandburg and Publisher Jakob Etrheim. 

As publisher, also known as communications coordinator  Etrheim is responsible from making and distributing signs across campus, running the Facebook page, advertising for History Club events and emailing history majors about History Club meetings.

Etrheim became an officer at the end of his freshman year after History Club adviser Charles Vollan approached him to run for an officer position in the club. 

 “I became faculty adviser when Michael Funchion retired in 2008,” Vollan said. “I thought that it [History Club] would be a great way for history majors [and anyone interested in history] to have fun with the subject. The more you know about history the more fun it is.”

According Mette, the president, vice president and publisher decide what the meetings are going to consist of. Meetings occur every two weeks on Tuesday evenings. Meetings include different activities. In the past, professors have spoke about various topics. 

Carrie Van Buren of the Agricultural Heritage Museum presented about careers available to history majors. She has also screened historical documentaries for History Club meetings. Professor Graham Wrightson presented for a past History Club meeting. His topic was “What is Nationality?” Evren Wiltse presented “The Arab Spring: Myths and Realities”. The club has also shown the movie Dr. Strangelove during a club meeting. 

“We have been able to invite in speakers and show historic films and films which use history as their backdrop,” Vollan said.

The History Club was able to bring in John Miller Tuesday at the Ag Heritage Museum. His presentation was “Small-Town Boys from the Midwest: What they have to Teach Us”.

Although the History Club is history based, it is not restricted to history majors. In the future, the club wants to be able to take historical trips.

“One thing that a lot of us in the club have wanted to do is possibly have organized history club trips to area historical locations during the semester like to the Brookings County Museum in Volga or even traveling to Sioux Falls or Pipestone, Minn. for a day,” Etrheim said. 

According to Mette, the club allows for students to interact with faculty and helps history majors to see what options they have after they have obtained a history degree.