Biehl named new UPC adviser for 2014-2015 year

By Jennie Hegge Reporter

Have you ever stopped and thought about how SDSU manages to put on so many events throughout the school year? It’s all thanks to the University Program Council (UPC), who has a new director this year, Daniel Biehl. Biehl advises UPC, heads State-a-Thon, and oversees the Hobo Day committees.

“Before I was offered the University Program Adviser for University Programs, I was working on my Education Specialist of Education Leadership with emphasis in Higher Education,” Biehl said. Biehl’s main objective is advising the organizations so that they are successful in everything they do.

“It’s been great having Mr. Biehl step into this position and get right to work. He has a lot of great ideas for UPC and for this campus,” said Aryn Hollaren, a junior advertising major, who is one of the eleven members on the UPC board. Biehl is responsible for working to maintain budgets of all three organizations, advising the organizations’ meetings, attending events, advising students when needed and developing new ideas.

UPC is a student organization designed to be the main source for putting on events at SDSU. Some of the events that they will be putting on this school year include the Welcome Back Bash, State-a-Thon, Cavorts and Miss Homelycoming.

Mariah Nelson, a freshman exploratory studies major, attended the Welcome Back Bash that was put on for freshmen. “It was an amazing experience. It was great to get to see my fellow classmates and, being that I am a freshman, it was a good way to meet new people. I would highly recommend to all SDSU students to go to these events because it’s a great way to get connected and make lifelong friendships.”

UPC also puts on many events throughout the school year. State-a-Thon is a 13-hour dance marathon that celebrates fundraising for the Sanford Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. This year’s event will be held March 28, 2015. UPC is selling tickets for the Timeflies Tuesday concert which went on sale for $17, Sept. 5, at Information Exchange. Students must have their ID to purchase the ticket and can buy up to four at a time. Tickets will be sold until the day of the concert or until sold out.

Cavorts is a talent show put on as one of the Hobo Week activities. That goes right along with Miss Homelycoming; a pageant where guys dress up and perform as women. 

Hollaren is just one of the many people excited for all of this year’s events that are going to be put on by UPC. “We have a lot fun things planned this semester and we are hoping that students can all find an event that they are interested in,” Hollaren said.

Biehl has goals for his time as the UPC adviser, head of State – a – thon and overseeing the Hobo Day committee, but one desire trumps them all,  “I would particularly love to work with students to engage the entire campus community,” Biehl said. “If we were all able to bring the campus together even more than it is now, engaging one another on campus and the global community I would say I have left my mark.”