SDSU Swine Club to host film debut

Erin Beck

The movie Farmland is making its debut at SDSU and will be shown Thursday, Nov. 13, at 7 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center.

Sponsored by the SDSU Swine Club, SDSU is the first university in the nation to have a screening of the film. Farmland will dive into the lives of young farmers and ranchers in agriculture, taking the audience behind the scenes to tell the personal stories of the new generation of people dedicated to growing food and fiber for the nation.

A panel of South Dakota farmers and ranchers will be available for discussion and questions from the audience after the film.

Swine Club adviser Robert Thaler encourages students from all across campus to attend the Farmland film, whether or not students have an agricultural background.

“It really complements the Common Read this year,” Thaler said. “It’s focused on helping non-ag people in understanding where their food comes from and the people behind it.”

The Swine Club will be accepting free-will donations of canned food at the screening Nov. 13 to donate to the Brookings Food Pantry.