The NFL playoffs: Who makes it in, where do they fall?

Andrew Holtan Columnist

December is already here and in NFL that means it’s time for a playoff push. You’re probably wondering who will make the playoffs. Well, I’m here to tell you.

As of right now, the playoff picture in the AFC is very close, especially the wild card. The New England Patriots (9-3) would have home field advantage and a bye in the first round. The Denver Broncos (9-3) would also get a first round bye. Cincinnati (8-3) would host Kansas City (7-5) and Indianapolis (8-4) would host San Diego (8-4).

The teams sitting right outside of the Wild Card are Buffalo, Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati who all have records of 7-5.

Here’s how I see it playing out in the final four weeks. I see the Patriots getting the No. 1 seed and the Broncos getting the No. 2 seed. I think the Colts will grasp  the third seed, jumping over the AFC North winner. The Ravens are going to win the AFC North because the Bengals have a tough schedule down the stretch and they don’t play well against teams above .500.

For the AFC wild card teams it will come down to Cincinnati and Pittsburgh. They play each other twice in the coming weeks. I see Cincinnati just barely sliding in on week 17 with a win. I also think the Miami Dolphins, who right now are at 6-5 but play the awful Jets twice, will get into the playoffs and play the Ravens. Vikings at home will get in because they have the easiest road.

The playoff picture in the NFC right now is looking pretty good for the Arizona Cardinals (9-3). They would get home field advantage and a bye in the first round. The Green Bay Packers (9-3) would also get a bye in the first round. For the wild card games, Philadelphia (9-3) would host Detroit (8-4) and Atlanta (5-7) would host Seattle (8-4).

The teams just outside the wild card are Dallas (8-4) and San Francisco (7-5).

I see the final playoff picture looking a little different. I could see Green Bay jumping ahead of Arizona for the number one seed and Philadelphia ousting Arizona to receive a bye in the first round as the No. 2 seed. I see Seattle winning the NFC West over Arizona because of the way they are playing. They won’t be losing anytime soon. Someone unfortunately has to win NFC South and they will probably be below .500. The Saints could win it, because they should beat the Falcons in week 16.

For the NFC wild card teams, I see Detroit staying there because they look very good on offense and their defense is  also playing well. They will be wild card team with double-digit wins because Green Bay will win the North. Whoever gets this final spot will have worked for it. I see the Cardinals getting in because they are a very gritty team and will fight to the end. Dallas has to play three of its final four games on the road. I just don’t see them winning out and the Cardinals are a game ahead of them already.

It should be very fun final four weeks as the playoff push is on. We’ll just have to sit back and watch everything unfold.