Siglin and Sutton win Students’ Association presidential elections

Maddi Anderson

Olivia Siglin and Jacob Sutton have won the Students’ Association presidential election with 952 votes.

“It’s been a crazy two months…we are really proud of the voter turnout…,” Siglin said.

With a record total of 1,899 votes, Caleb Finck and Matt Dahle received 947 votes making it a five-vote margin between the two candidates.  

“This is the most competitive race we’ve ever seen…we’re really happy to have met and engaged with over 500 students in the last two months…” Sutton said.

According to sitting SA Vice President Courtland McCranie this is a record voter turnout for SA elections. The amount of votes makes up over 20 percent of the student body.

The candidates are still waiting to hear from Student Affairs and Doug Wermedal, associate vice president of Student Affairs, who oversees elections, Sutton said.

More details to follow.