Why fall is a new beginning


Fall is the greatest season ever, and I am about to tell you why.

   Fall should be considered the new beginning to a year, and I think that is how it feels for most students. Think about it: a new school year starts, trees lose their leaves and the rest of the seasons follow suit.

    You work all year to keep your grades up and do well, then spend the summer celebrating your accomplishments just so you can come back next fall and start all over. New school supplies, new classes and sometimes moving to new dorms or houses are just a few of the things that start all over. For a season that is in the middle of the calendar year, it sure does have a lot of new starts.

    Fall is the greatest time for a new start, because with fall comes football. Football is my favorite sport to watch, and the same can be said for over half of America. To me, a fall weekend well spent is attending an SDSU football game on Saturday followed by a Packers game on Sunday, ending with some Monday night football to start the week. I couldn’t ask for anything better, except for carving pumpkins while watching Sunday football games.

    And that leads me to my next point; fall means pumpkins, Halloween, orange leaves, Thanksgiving, cool breezes and apple picking. Some of my greatest childhood memories come from picking apples at the local apple orchard, ending with a caramel apple and picking pears at the family farm. We all know what it is like to jump into a pile of fall leaves, and there really isn’t a better feeling than that. I am now 22-years-old and I still feel like a child when I do any of these things.

    I see fall as a new beginning for many reasons, but one reason that not many understand is because of fall pasture sales. Most show calves are sold during September and through November. There is nothing more satisfying for a showman to walk through the pasture on a cool night looking at a great set of calves. This is the beginning of the road for many exhibitors, and marks a new show year.

    For “white girls,” fall is seen as pumpkin spice lattes, flannel shirts and blanket scarves (I enjoy every single one of these things). There comes a time when the summer clothes are shoved to the back of the closet, and you start a new year of wardrobe. This is another reason why fall can be considered a time of new beginnings.

    While some people might not agree with my opinion or my statements, others might say that they enjoy winter more, and say it is the real beginning of the new year. January might be the beginning of the calendar year, but fall is the real beginning.


    Brenna Ramsden is an advertising major here and can be contacted at [email protected].