Senate discusses alcohol sales, missing letters in weekly meeting

Makenzie Huber News Editor

The Students’ Association discussed the possibility of alcohol sales on campus and the missing letters from the Coughlin-Alumni Stadium press box at Monday’s meeting.


The university plans to gift the letters to the Coughlin family, but cannot give them to the family until the letters are retrieved.


The university is asking for the people who took the letters to return them. Sen. Nathan Condelli encouraged senators to ask students to find the letters and return them to the family.


SA also covered constitution approvals, a special allocation request and a new venture fund request during the meeting.


In the committee and staff reports portion of the meeting, Sen. Amanda Dickinson said the College of Arts and Sciences is interested in moving toward using e-books for courses. Vice President Matt Dahle reminded senators an Alcohol Sales Task Force from the South Dakota Board of Regents is investigating the possible sale of alcohol on campus.


The task force will present its investigation to the board in December. If the SDBOR decides to continue with the investigation, SA will discuss its support after the SDBOR meeting in December.


SA approved two organization constitutions and a $400 special allocation fund to the F.I.R.E. (Finance, Insurance and Real Estate) club, but denied a new venture fund request from the American Institute of Architecture Students.


The Finance Committee originally denied the venture fund request but brought it before the Senate anyway.


The venture fund was denied by the Finance Committee and SA because the organization was not open to all students. Finance Chair Nick Regan also said the numbers presented  did not add up and there were other funding options available based on what the organization wanted to use the requested money for.


Two student organizations’ constitutions were approved — ratio christi and the music entrepreneurship club.


Ratio christi, roughly translated as “rational Christianity,” is an organization for students to get together and discuss the religion. The group is open to individuals of all religious or nonreligious beliefs to discuss.


Also approved was the music entrepreneurship club, which allows members to network and learn about professions available in the major.


The next meeting will be Monday at 7 p.m. in the Lewis and Clark room in The Union.