Parking Services office moves to north end of Medary

SARA BERTSCH Editor-in-Chief

Over winter break the Parking services office moved to a new location on Medary Avenue. 

Their office is now located at 1351 Medary Ave., which is commonly known as the old motor pool building. 

With little signage on their new building, many people are having a hard time finding it said Jason Soren, the parking service administrator. 

“The first thing we tell people is that we are on the corner of Medary Avenue and 13th Street,” Soren said. “Go to Medary and north of the Ag Museum, cross the big lot and we are right there. It is a white building with the red top.” 

Soren hopes there will be signage within the next few weeks for easier recognition. 

The main reason the office moved was so campus visitors would easily find the building. When it was centrally located on the first floor of Yeager Hall, many campus visitors could not find it. According to Soren, they are now located near one of the main entrances. 

The second reason the office moved was for more space. Not only is the building larger than their old office, but the building has more parking spaces for students and faculty coming to get a permit, pay a citation or ask a general question. 

“If they can’t find us, or they can’t figure it out, give us a call,” Soren said about students who cannot find the new location or may have a question.

The hours remain the same from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.