This year’s lineup

Each candidate has set three goals they wish to accomplish during their term as a Students’ Association senator.

Cade Opheim

Agricultural Science

1. Get on finance committee and help with the allocations of the General Activity Fee.

2. Work on getting more resolutions brought forward that are going to initiate change, not just say it might. 

3. Keep SDSU growing and moving forward with all aspects of the University.


Dennisen Nelson

Dairy Production & Animal Science

1. To improve on-campus wifi since it currently has a strong negative effect on students.

2. To expand food options on campus.

3. To make the parking area between Pierson and Schultz 30-minute parking, too, so students are no longer hit with heavy fines when they park temporarily. 

Iris Le


1. Propose the smoking cessation resolution and get it passed.

2. Continue to represent students to the best of my ability. 

3. Continue working on the ESSC and improve sustainability on campus. 


Mary Lack

Nursing & Political Science 

1. To foster an interactive environment that allows students to feel prideful and generate ideas.

2. To bridge any communication gap on our campus and help solve any problems by simple discussion and relaying of information to the necessary parties. 

3. To better understand the different needs of different organizations and individuals and to cultivate a closer knit community. 

Bevin Clapper


1. Sexual assault prevention.

2. Increase campus smoking legislation.

3. Expand the campus mental health clinic and counseling.

Conner Bushman

Biology & Pre-Dental

1. To provide more counselors on campus for students and make it easier for students to find out and arrange appointments if they may be dealing with problems in life. 

2. Improve the looks of campus.

3. To start a program at SDSU called the Underage Alcohol Diversion which gives students the potential to remove a minor from their record.

Logan Zeisler


1. Move our university into becoming more environmentally friendly and self-sufficient regarding renewable resources. 

2. Promote the safety of our students, specifically between the southeast lot and campus where it is poorly lit. 

3. Be placed on the planning and design committee where I can specifically allocate benches around campus where there seems to be a shortage. 

Shala Larson

Agricultural Leadership

1. See that the General Activity Fund dollars are being used wisely and appropriately to benefit students. 

2. Continue to improve upon changes already made to implement healthier food options in campus dining. 

3. Improve transparency between faculty and students so students are more aware of how decisions are being made for them on campus.

Kiera Leddy

Agriculture Communications

1. Allow 20 minute parking by the dumpsters outside of Pierson Hall. 

2. Allow Schultz Hall to return to an Ag and Bio LLC. 

3. Provide tutoring and SI for courses in Ag and Biosystems, Engineering, Animal Science, Plant Science and other courses in the College of Ag & Bio.

Dalton Kampsen

Agriculture Science

1. Close the gap between SA and all of the students at SDSU.

2. Become a member of the finance committee and develop a stronger understanding of where all of the funds are allocated and why. 

3. Develop relationships with students and faculty from all colleges.

Semehar Ghebrekidan

Student Affairs

1. Be the best representative for the Graduate School.

2. Continue efforts on the Diversity and Inclusion committee to keep improving the climate of our campus. 

3. To increase the amount of counselors we have on our campus. 

Benjamin Sesso


1. Increase lighting and security around campus.

2. Allowing university outreach for engineering students with regard to construction, design, etc. on campus.

3. Continue to improve campus sustainability.

Spencer Harwood

Mechanical Engineering

1. Increase accessibility to shop and testing facilities for engineering clubs and organizations.

2. Improve study areas in the engineering square to offer students new resources from which to foster learning.

3. Reevaluate food and drink accessibility in engineering squares.

Michael Miller


1. Provide improved access to student health and services on campus.

2. Collaborate with Aramark and other food providers to serve more nutritious food options.

3. Push for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions produced by the coal-fired central heating plant on campus. 

Amanda Dickinson


1. Have benches and/or picnic tables placed around campus so students can study or eat outside during nice weather.

2. Prioritize student privacy, both physical and data-based, which issues arise.

3. Be a conservative representative of my constituents.

Brianna Doran

Apparel Merchandising

1. I would like to standardize internship credits throughout majors and colleges. 

2. I want to continue my work with the Student Security and Safety committee, already started by SA and implement more ideas brought forth from students to create a safer campus. 

3. I would like to continue the process of making SDSU more welcoming and accessible by constructing gender neutral bathrooms across campus

Cole Hinz

Apparel Merchandising

1. Bring awareness to the College of Education and Human Sciences in order to ensure we are accounted for. 

2. Changes are taking place on SDSU’s campus with the search for a new university president and provost. I want to guarantee that students are being represented during this transition process and keep them up to date on further changes. 

3. I want to bring awareness to sexual assault on college campuses and change the culture around this topic. 

AnnaLee Christensen

Speech Communications

1. Advocate successfully for anyone in my college who wants a change.

2. Make it easier for students to throw away and recycle items in the bins in The Union.

3. More lighting on the paths coming from the southeast lot to the residential halls. 

Viraj Patel

Speech Communications

1. Connect SDSU to the Brookings community.

2. International representation on the Senate.

3. Major versatility.

Scott Simons

Business Economics

1. Provide more volunteer opportunities and different ways to get involved on campus and in the Brookings community.

2. Increase the amount of lighting between the southeast parking lot and the east side of campus and residence halls. 

3. To improve and advance my current leadership skills and become a well-rounded student here at SDSU.