System glitch causes information loss


South Dakota State officials are scrambling to recover lost reservations after a database and scheduling system crash.

The crash occurred last week when a database holding a large amount of information at South Dakota State University was compromised. This crash caused a ripple effect across campus causing other systems to lose data.

According to Michael Adelaine, vice president for technology and security, the crash deleted more data than was first anticipated. One of the main casualties of the crash was the scheduling system for The Union and other locations on campus.

Information was lost for events resumed between Jan. 1, 2016 and Tuesday, Aug. 30, but in an email to staff, Adelaine said The Union staff is working to recover the reservations lost or compromised.

Adelaine recommended students contact the following locations if they have questions about a potential lost reservation: the Performing Arts Center, The Union, McCrory Visitor’s Center, Athletic facilities, South Dakota Art Museum, the Barn and other academic spaces.

Correction:  According to Mark Venhuizen, Assistant Director for Event Services, the data loss was greater than what was previously stated.

All reservations for all campus events in all campus facilities was lost from Jan 1, 2016 forward. This means that if a department, student organization or non affiliated user of any facilities on campus had made a reservation after January 1st, they will need to find their most recent reservation confirmation that they should have received from their point of contact and return it to the issuing facility. This would include the 2016-17 school year and beyond.

Here is the specific contact areas affected for reference and for client contact: