Editorial: The long hallways, dark spaces and emptiness of The Union contribute to its overall creepiness.

Light gleams through the entrance of The Union. Students bustle while throwing smiles and slight nods at one another as they enter the gigantic building where students congregate daily.

But The Union has a side most students don’t see — a side that students should not wish to see.

Creepy, dark, unwelcome, haunted.

As daylight diminishes, The Union transforms into a maze of long, dark hallways.

The few people in the building hear unexplained noises, and mannequins watch every passerby, even though they don’t have eyes or a head.  

We, at The Collegian, have experienced the “dark” side of The Union during our long production nights.

Each week the staff of The Collegian stays in The Union until 2 or 3 a.m. on production night.

Throughout the semester, each staff member has encountered at least one situation in the building that makes them shiver remembering the experience.

A common occurrence for us is seeing images out of the corner of our eyes in the window panes of the Multicultural Center.

Light reflects in the windows. BOO! You think you see a ghost. But no. It was just your reflection playing a cruel joke on you. You swear you can see your reflection giggling as you continue your jaunt down the hallway.

Even unexpected objects manifest creepy vibes.

One Collegian staff member recalled a time when the pop machine in Weary Wil’s began dispensing pop on its own.

No one touched it.

No one was near it.

At least no one she could see was near it. 

This instance made our staff wonder why events like this occur. Yes, we realize that machines are just machines, but why do they have to malfunction at night when everything becomes 10 times creepier?

We, at The Collegian, firmly believe The Union is haunted. One time a staff member went to the bathroom, and we never heard from him again.

We don’t know if he got lost, taken or just transferred. But we’re betting The Union claimed him as its own.

The Union is creepy, but it has one saving grace: automatic lights in the staircases.

The next time you walk into The Union, just remember the side you see during the day is only one of its many faces.

And you never know what could happen at night…