America, I beg you, please don’t vote for Trump

ELIF GABB Opinion Editor

As journalists, we, at The Collegian, usually must not show our biases when reporting. 

To remain credible, we cannot reveal our political allegiances, since it screams of unprofessionalism. 

However, there are some cases when journalists are allowed to reveal their political opinions, and as Opinion Editor, this is one of those cases.

Folks, in less than six days, you have one of the most important decisions to make in a very long time. 

That decision means letting anyone but Donald Trump into office.

Look, I know what you’re going to say: “What do you know, you non-American citizen?” I get it. 

But as somebody who has witnessed what the disenfranchised vote can do to her home country, I know a little more than you may think.

This past summer, as a British citizen, I had the opportunity to vote on whether or not Britain should stay in the European Union. I voted to stay, knowing that leaving would result in the destabilization of the British economy, the European economy and (eventually) the world economy. All the polls predicted a solid win for the pro-EU side.

And none of them got it right.

Using a number of ridiculous scare tactics and preposterous promises, the anti-EU side won over the disenfranchised masses, leading us out of the EU and into (just as I predicted) economic disaster. 

Does this situation not sound similar?

Is a man not also using ridiculous scare tactics and preposterous promises to gain votes, just like the anti-EU side in Britain?

Trust me when I say this: none of his promises will come true.

Trump will not help you.

Just like the man leading the anti-EU charge in Britain, Trump is without any realistic plans. 

No, there isn’t going to be a wall between America and Mexico paid for by the Mexican people, for example. We’ve already seen how this plan can’t work in “Arrested Development,” the TV show (where he stole it from). 

I could also talk about the racist, sexist and ableist remarks he has made throughout this election.

But to be quite frank, the constant reminders on TV should be enough. Promoting grabbing women “by the pussy,” mocking a disabled reporter and stating a judge was biased because he’s “Mexican” are just a few of the many, many examples he’s been a less than tolerable candidate.

I understand that many people feel completely disenfranchised by this past administration. I really do.

There is absolute merit to those feelings.

But that does not mean voting against the establishment will help you in any way. 

Take it from someone who has witnessed it in her own country: it absolutely will not.

Now, I understand the other side of the equation is not much better.

Hillary has her faults, and plenty of them.

But unless you want your country to end up in political ruin, and also become the laughing stock of the world, you have no other option.

(No, third party is not an option. Yes, it sucks. Unfortunately, Thomas Jefferson created a two-party system, and unless something outrageous happens, that is how it shall stay for the foreseeable future.)

I do not make those remarks unkindly — we British are currently the world’s laughing stock. In a battle of stupidity between Britain and America, we are currently winning. But as has been shared on many social media sites, you, America, have the Trump card. 

Please don’t use it.


Elif Gabb is the Opinion Editor for The Collegian and can be reached at [email protected]