NEW: New scams targeting college students



Lorna Saboe-Wounded Head

Lorna Saboe-Wounded Head, Family Resource Management Field Specialist, SDSU Extension

Just when one scam gets shut down a new one appears. College students can be vulnerable to scams because of their new financial experiences and decisions. Here is a list of scams that specially target college students.

Student Financial Service Scam

Many scams pose as legitimate offers for scholarships, grants and financial aid services. Students are contacted by phone, mail or through email with a great offer, and are asked for personal information and payment of upfront fees. 

Unpaid Tuition Scam

The scammer contacts the student or their parents claiming the tuition bill has not been paid and the payment is needed immediately. Before providing personal or financial information, contact the billing or financial aid office at your school. 

Buying Books Online Scam

A fake website is set up with great deals on expensive textbooks. The textbook is never delivered and the student is out of the money they paid. 

In the end, all scams look the same. Avoid responding to solicitations. Do your research when you are applying for loans, searching for apartments, applying for a job or seeking financial aid. Talk to someone from your school before making payments on bills or providing information about grants, loans and scholarships. You will never need to pay to complete your financial aid forms, or apply for scholarships and grants. 

If you are not sure if a company or site is legitimate or think you may have been scammed, contact me ([email protected]) for advice.