ROTC cadets sweep proficiency test


The weekend of March 26 and 27, 11 cadets from the SDSU Army ROTC attended the German Armed Forces Proficiency Test at Camp Ripley, Minnesota. 

The test consisted of a cone shuffle, flexed arm hang, 1000-meter sprint, pistol qualification, four-minute 100-meter swim and ruck march. 

Sunday, March 27, Lieutenant Colonel Barth, a liaison officer for the German Bundeswehr, presented and pinned the cadets with their respective awards. Cadets Bain, Vargas-Kunkel, Venable, Gibney, Bulfer, Stegmeier, Grasma and Natvig earned the silver badge and Cadets Murray, Sanders and Stavig earned themselves the gold badge. 

South Dakota State University had more gold standard Cadets thwan any other battalion present at this year’s GAFPB. 

“Everyone showed up with a great attitude and really worked hard. The cadets earned their medals,” Sergeant First Class Armstrong, an SDSU Cadre member, said.