Sodexo announces new dining options


Jacob Boyko, News Editor

At Monday night’s Students’ Association meeting, Douglas Wermedal, associate vice president of student affairs, announced Sodexo’s new dining options for next year. 

Wermedal began his address by passing out dining brochures to members of the Senate. The brochures, created by facilities management company Sodexo, outline the planned dining options for when Sodexo takes over SDSU dining operations from current supplier Aramark in July.

The brochure also outlined new meal plans. The plans through Sodexo will “mean at least a $250 savings for [students’] two years in a residence hall,” Wermedal said.  

By switching from Aramark to Sodexo, SDSU will lose Panda Express, Papa John’s and Xtreme Pita.

The Xtreme Pita location will be reworked into Qdoba, and Sodexo’s in-house brand Slices will take over the Papa John’s location.  

Wermedal also confirmed a sushi bar will make its way to campus. Wild Blue is Sodexo’s in-house brand and features a prominent blue logo.

“A fish in SDSU’s blue will be on Vermillion’s campus and I’m pretty happy about that,” Wermedal said.

Wermedal also confirmed Einstein’s, Weary Wil’s and Chick-Fil-A will stay on campus.

The Union Coffee location, however, is still under review, and a decision will be made in upcoming University Food Service Advisory Committee (UFSAC) meetings.

The university is planning to make use of self-check-out kiosks in the C-store next year, Wermedal confirmed. Additionally, bathrooms will be installed in Larson’s Commons.