Scheduling campus healthcare services “a very easy process”


Brina Sturm, Assistant Lifestyles Editor (She/They)


Assistant Lifestyles Editor


College can be a stressful time, especially for new students, and the last thing students want to worry about is their health care options. Luckily, there are plenty of services available to students on campus.

South Dakota State University’s health clinic offers several services, including general medical care like injury treatment, physical exams, immunizations and lab services like strep, influenza, COVID-19, thyroid testing and more. Additionally, the clinic offers sexual health care like birth control, STI screenings, pregnancy testing and other services students may need.

Besides physical health services, the university also provides confidential mental health services at no charge to registered students.

Sean Gary-Mack, a second-year student, has experienced the benefits of the on-campus health and counseling clinic.

“I found out about the counseling service and health center on the school website,” Gary-Mack said. “It was a very easy process to get started.”

Gary-Mack says he has used the clinic to talk about mental health issues in his life and to schedule general health appointments like immunizations, something that can be difficult for him elsewhere in town.

“As an out-of-state student from the South, where I can’t easily get home to see my doctor or therapist, having the counseling and health services on campus is a big plus and a major asset to my education here at SDSU,” he said.

Emma Hoff, another second-year student, explained her experience with the counseling center.

“I called before I started school to set up an appointment … I have been in counseling for quite some time, so it was pretty normal for me,” Hoff said.

To make an appointment with the student health clinic, call 605-688-4157. The counseling center can be reached at 605-688-6146, or visit the center’s reception area in the Miller Wellness Center.