SDBOR approves tuition increases for next academic year


Andrew Rasmussen, Opinion Editor (He/Him)

Tuition rates in South Dakota’s public universities will increase an average of $104.98 per year according to a press release from the South Dakota Board of Regents. 


The 1.1% increase comes after a 2.4 % salary increase for state employees, including university staff, was enacted by the South Dakota Legislature. According to the release, the state covers less than half of salary and benefits for SDBOR employees, leaving the university to pick up the rest of the costs. 


“Affordability for students and their families is a major consideration for us,” said Brian L. Maher, SDBOR executive director. “Setting tuition and fees must be done with a mind to balancing student affordability against the real costs of providing education. A minimal 1 percent adjustment is consistent with those goals.”


A student attending a public university for fall 2021 and spring 2022 will pay, on average, $9,358.99 per year for mandatory tuition and fees, assuming the student is taking 30 credits per year.