SA in brief


J. Michael Bertsch, Managing Editor (He/Him)

Senate passes two

resolutions in support of state legislation:

During the Feb. 22 meeting, the Student Association Senate passed Resolutions 20-24-R and 20-25-R, voicing SA’s support for two pieces of South Dakota legislation, House Bills 1153 and 1209.

Both bills focus on the transfer of state money to the South Dakota Board of Regents.

If passed, HB 1153 would appropriate $18 million for the construction of a dairy research farm at South Dakota State University.

According to the resolution, the current dairy research facility employs up to 30 students each semester and is integrated into dairy science coursework where students learn maternity and calf care, animal health, feeding and milking.

House Bill 1209 would appropriate $20 million for “purposes of purchasing outstanding loans on student union buildings at state institutions,” according to the text of the bill.

Currently, a portion of the General Activity Fee paid by students goes toward paying off the debt incurred by the university when constructing and renovating the University Student Union. Passage of HB 1209 would require the SDBOR to decrease the General Activity Fee students pay to reflect the payment of the debt.

The House Committee on Appropriations passed both HB 1153 and HB 1209 earlier this month, moving both bills forward to a vote of the entire SD House of Representatives. If the House votes in favor, the bills will be assigned to a Senate committee.

SA Senate closes

presidential and vice-presidential

nomination window:

The Students’ Association Senate closed the slate for presidential candidate nominations, confirming two presidential tickets for the 2021-22 school year.

The tickets for SA President and Vice President are Zebadiah Johnson and Sarah Cook and Andrew Rasmussen and Rachel Schoon on the other. More information on both tickets can be found on Facebook: “Johnson & Cook for State” and “Rasmussen & Schoon for SDSU.”

In addition to the presidential nominees, petitions for 2021-22 Senate nominees are due Friday, Feb. 26.

Senators will be elected to represent specific colleges, including the college of agriculture, food and environmental sciences, college of arts, humanities and social sciences and Jerome J. Lohr college of engineering.

After the election, remaining Senate seats will become Senator-At-Large positions, then filled through an application and interview process.

The Students’ Association will host debates between candidates in mid-March. This includes a presidential debate, as well as debates between Senate candidates from the same colleges.

The SA presidential, vice-presidential and senate election will be held online March 23-24.