Trendy place. Trendy plate. Agua Fresh.


Hemishka Lobin, Guest Columnist

Scrumptious, healthy and refreshing. Those are the three words for Agua Fresh. 

Located at 420 Main Ave. in Brookings, the fairly chic restaurant is not hard to spot. If you want decent music, a place to do homework and, of course, delicious paninis, this is the place to go.

Agua Fresh indeed has a mouthwatering menu with grilled sandwiches made of panini bread, wraps, salads, soups, super bowls and not to mention, their well-known smoothies and freshly made crush juices.

With six different classic smoothies, four specialty smoothies, three fruits and veggies smoothies, five crush juices and five cold-pressed juices, Agua Fresh is the way to go. Besides, don’t you get bored with going to the same restaurants and same fast food chains repeatedly?

My favorite crush juice is Pineapple Passion. It’s vegan (obviously), organic and has pineapple, kiwi and pear. It’s a very unusual combination, but once you’ve tried it, you are addicted for life. There’s no turning back.

If you did not try their chicken pesto panini, you are missing. The grilled chicken, the pesto sauce, the provolone cheese and the tomatoes are the perfect combination. On top of that is the aromatic smell; it makes me drool every single time (insert drooling emoji). 

One unique thing about Agua Fresh is that they do not sell soft drinks. Yes, it is true. The only drink options available are smoothies and juices. But when you have 23 different options of drinks, why would you need other beverages anyway?

Is Agua Fresh supposed to be a place of only healthy food? Because one thing that left me open-mouthed is that their combo meals come with a bag of chips. If the restaurant is considered as healthy, why the bag of chips? 

They have so many different options of nutritious smoothies and juices, but for their combo meals it’s Block & Barrel’s “Plain Potato Chips?” I believe there are undeniably a lot of other healthier sides that could substitute the bag of chips. 

Maybe some good alternatives would be a small bowl of different fruits or a small bowl of any fruits of your choice? Or even a small salad bowl? 

Apart from the potato chip whining, Agua Fresh is worth the try. The prices are reasonable and affordable. There has not been one single time that I went there and the food was inedible. Agua Fresh might be my favorite restaurant in Brookings after all, considering the health freak that I am. Again, might be.