Letter to the Editor: Rep. Dusty Johnson


Andrew Rasmussen, Political Science Student

Judging the success of our leaders is best done by looking at their accomplishments, not only what they have achieved personally, but what they have accomplished for the good of South Dakota. I would like to take a second to envision some accomplishments South Dakota should expect from its congressional leaders. A great congressman should introduce legislation that addresses real concerns in the agriculture community such as adjusting the prevent plant harvest date or advocating for policy change such as country of origin labeling. I would expect a South Dakota representative to serve on the agriculture committee and be a ranking member on a crucial subcommittee that oversees food stamps and the Department of Agriculture. I want my representative to be involved in active policy change such as whipping votes for the USMCA (United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement), a critical trade deal for South Dakota. Luckily for me and for the rest of South Dakota, we have a congressman that can accomplish those things as a freshman in the minority of Congress. Dusty Johnson campaigned on “energy to burn” and I think it’s pretty clear that energy went to good use. During these uncertain times, we deserve representation that has a proven record in congress of getting things done and that is why I will be supporting Dusty Johnson in the June election, and I hope you will too.