Your voice is needed on SA Senate


Brianna Schreurs, Guest Columnist

There are two sides to every story. Sometimes more. 

My experience at The Collegian taught me that while digging for the truth, one must always consider the other side of the story. This took on a whole new meaning for me as a Students’ Association senator. Listening to a story be told from all angles is one thing; making a decision based on all those opinions is another.

Being a senator is not only challenging, but also formative. Listening and considering a proper stance while collaborating with others is a large undertaking. Reflecting on what our Senate has done this term, it’s clear to me the work has all been worth it. Senators have debated student fee increases, created a new student tailgating experience, fought for summer Wellness Center access and lots more.

I’m proud of the students around the table and could sing their praises for hours. However, I am writing this to encourage you to consider becoming a part of this distinguished, dynamic and impactful crew.

The next Senate will need students elected from every academic college to accurately represent campus, and you’re needed. The election process has begun, but we need you to show up.

Like actually though.

I know among your heavy course load, work schedule, social life and Netflix bingeing, you might have ruled out adding yet another thing to your plate. Sure, becoming a senator is one more thing, but it’s such an important thing. Your voice is needed to help students who don’t feel heard or maybe don’t feel safe.

The best senators are not the ones who are going to be future politicians—but yes, these people are good. The best senators are the ones with a diverse worldview who are willing to collaborate with others. Seriously. Earlier this winter, the Senate welcomed a new senator who was sporting a faux-fur leopard jacket while taking his oath of office. Anyone can be a senator!

It’s the people who think, “No one around me seems to see this problem the same way I do.” It’s the individual who complains about campus policies and asks, “Why is this done this way and how can it be improved?” Those are the best senators.

Good senators want to have conversations about campus policies. Great senators want to have these conversations while seeing all angles. If this sounds like something you’re into, take out a petition for the Students’ Association election happening March 24-25. Petitions are in the SA Office on Main Street in the University Student Union. 

Undergraduate students, regardless of academic college, need at least 50 valid signatures from other students in their same academic college. However, you’d be wise to grab around 60 signatures in case some signatures are invalid due to missing or incorrect information.

Start your story on Senate. Advocate and collaborate for positive change—whether that’s fighting for agricultural efforts, elevating students’ on-campus experiences or urging students to recycle.

There are a lot of angles to consider. Join the Students’ Association Senate and offer your own.