Resolution, amendment pass in November 25 Students’ Association meeting


Andrew Rasmussen, News/Opinion Editor

Senators had another busy night Monday with a full agenda of speakers and two points of action. Here is what you need to know: 

 Veterans Affairs 

Connie Johnson, Coordinator for Veterans Services, presented on the services Veterans Affairs Office provides at SDSU. The Veterans Affairs Office provides support for veterans and their dependents as they work through receiving benefits, adjusting to campus life and other awareness programming. 

 “There are all these different benefits out there, and to use them you have to come through me,” Johson said.

 Safe Ride Home

Mariah Weber, Wellness Coordinator, delivered an update on the Safe Ride Home program offered through the SDSU Wellness Center. 

According to a document provided by Weber, a total of 10,687 people utilized the free transportation service in the fiscal year 2019. 

Student Organizations

Representatives from student organizations University Program Council (UPC) and Helping Everyone Reach Optimal Health (HEROH) also gave updates on their club’s efforts on campus.  

Both organizations responded to questions regarding their attempts to adapt to tight budgeting and demand for increased efficiency within their organization.  

Dakota’s Promise Scholarship Resolution

A resolution of support for the proposed Dakota’s Promise Scholarship was brought to the floor for discussion. 

According to Government Affairs Chair Hattie Seten, the resolution “helps us (Students’ Association) to have one solid message,” as the Student Senate prepares for the legislative season in Pierre. The passage of the resolution gives senators an official statement of support to be used in lobbying efforts.

 During the debate, Communications Chair Nick Lorang proposed an amendment to the resolution that changed the wording of a section to clarify it is a legislative priority of students at SDSU. 

After the amendment was passed via a voice vote, the Student Senate voted unanimously in favor of its passage. 

Quorum Amendment 

 An amendment that aimed to bring the total number of senators required to be present for a meeting from the former one-half to two-thirds was considered by the senate. 

“We would like to be proactive rather than reactive,” Sen. Jessica Boesch said. 

Lorang proposed a change to the amendment to read a simple majority, rather than two-thirds and was adopted via voice vote. 

 “I understand, but at the same time  if it’s not broke, what are you fixing?” Sen. Brianna Schreurs said.

 The amendment passed 24-1 with Sen. Dustin Manzey, the amendment’s prime sponsor, casting the negating vote.  

Students’ Association will meet again at 7 p.m. Dec. 2, in the Lewis and Clark Room of the Student Union. All meetings are open to the public.