SA president, vice president-elects ready to hit ground running April 8



Corey Berscheit and Allyson Monson

Andrew Rasmussen, Reporter

Allyson Monson made history last week when she became the first female twice elected as Students’ Association President. 

But this isn’t the only record she’s broken. Last year, Monsonwas the youngest SA president ever elected. Now, with her Vice President, Corey Berscheit, she’s looking to implement new ideas along with advancing current ones.

Monson and Berscheit were elected earlier this month to lead the SA in the upcoming year.

They are planning to hit the ground running in the fall by preparing over the summer. 

“In our first 100 days we are organizing more internal structures, we have a lot of ideas on how we want Students’ Association to run differently, reaching out to student organizations, and how we can live stream the meetings” Monson said.

Monson plans to create a program of work within the senate in order to lay out a plan of action for the year to come with specific steps to accomplish goals from their campaign platform of empower, advance and execute. 

Transportation is her biggest priority going forward. The General Activity Fee (GAF) provided funding for an off -campus bus system that will be implemented next year. Details on the system are still in the works and Monson is working to ensure a successful launch. 

Vice President-elect Berscheit is excited to take on the issue of increasing accessibility “beyond standards” on campus. 

“I see this as a year for opportunity,” Berscheit said. “Seeing how we can make this university different, far past just having ramps and just making sure that everything is accessible.” 

With the recent vote from Senate to  approve the five-year GAF strategic plan, SA has the job in the coming year of seeing through the projects set in motion.

They are looking at being more effective and efficient in getting information to students by going beyond the minimum in new and creative ways. 

“We have seen a year of planning and now we will see a year of living and implementation,” Monson said.