Changing faces of South Dakota State


Emily De Waard

John Killefer

College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences
Current position: Professor and Department Head of Animal Rangeland Sciences at Oregon State University
Degree: Bachelor’s in biological sciences from Hastings College in Nebraska. Ph.D. in animal science, emphasis in growth and development from Oregon State.
Start date: Late March.

Nancy Fahrenwald

College of Nursing
College of Nursing – Nancy Fahrenwald, RN, PHNA-BC, FAAN just announced she is leaving. Going to: Texas A&M University to be Dean of College of Nursing. New position effective June 1, 2018. Degree: Bachelor of science in nursing from SDSU. Master of Science in nursing from University of Portland and Ph.D. in nursing from University of Nebraska Medical Center.

Shana Harming

Wokini Program Director
Current position: Research Coordinator in the College of Nursing
Degree: SDSU alumna of 1995. On track to earn master’s degree in counseling and human development in May.
Prior to coming to SDSU, Harming was the director of the high school residential program at St. Joseph’s Indian School, a child welfare specialist for the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, and taught in the McLaughlin school district on the Standing Rock reservation and at the Flandreau public school district.

Honors College Candidates
Rebecca Bott-Knutson, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Interim Dean of the Van D. and Barbara B. Fishback Honors College, South Dakota State University. She has served as interim dean of the Honors College since July 2016.

Nicola Foote, Ph.D.
Professor and Associate Dean, Universitywide Programs and Faculty Engagement, Undergraduate Studies, Florida Gulf Coast University. Foote has served as associate dean of Universitywide Programs and Faculty Engagement at Florida Gulf Coast University since August 2017.

David Coleman, Ph.D.
Professor and Director of the Honors Program, Eastern Kentucky University. Coleman has served as director of the Eastern Kentucky University Honors Program since 2013.

Kenneth Mulliken, Ph.D.
Professor and Executive Director of the Honors College Southern Oregon University.Mulliken has served as executive director of Southern Oregon University’s Honors College since June 2013.