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New student club packs punch: offers boxing, fitness training


Freshman Nick Oldenburg is turning his passion for boxing into a chance for South Dakota State students to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.

The group is in its early stages, and Oldenburg’s current goal is to get the club up and running soon. Afterward he hopes to generate knowledge and interest in the sport.

“I love boxing so much and not finding it here felt like a piece of home was missing,” Oldenburg said.

Students frustrated with school can use boxing as a safe and healthy outlet, Oldenburg said. Oldenburg has been boxing since he was a sophomore in high school and he was greatly influenced by his old coach. He hopes he can be the same kind of teacher and mentor for members of the club.

For the club’s first semester, Oldenburg will only take 20 people to maintain a small group because he will be the only instructor. A meeting place for the club is pending but Oldenburg is working on a contract to rent gear and space from a downtown Brookings business.

“I’ve always loved Rocky movies, but I’ve never had the opportunity to get into the sport,” said Zachary Swenson, a freshman parks management and administration major, ROTC cadet and boxing club member. “I am excited for a new way to work out and be a part of a fun, interactive club.”

By the fall of 2018, Oldenburg wants to have more experience teaching so he can open the club up to more people.

He also wants more instructors to provide one-on-one training for members. The club will have an officer position as well.

Another one of his goals is for the club to be more than a group who only meets Wednesdays and Thursdays.

“I want there to be two different bodies to the boxing club; people who are more interested in the competition and those who are more fitness focused,” Oldenburg said.

Director for Student Engagement Addie Borah said the club is unique compared to others here on campus, and having the choice to compete gives the club a different edge.

“There will also be an affiliation with USA Boxing for those who choose to compete, which is pretty special,” she said.

The club fee is $10 but will adjust as needed. If members want to compete they will also pay the USA Boxing fee of $65.

Oldenburg hopes by the fall the club will be able to take part in competitions across South Dakota and Minnesota.

“This, of course, means we will have to fundraise, but luckily boxing is a pretty cheap sport,” he said.

With the right motivation, Oldenburg believes his members can come out of college with some great life lessons grained through boxing.

“I like to think complacency kills,” he said. “If you don’t try new things then what’s the point?”

Students interested in becoming a member of the SDSU Boxing Club can contact Oldenburg at [email protected]. There’s also a sign-up located in the DePuy Military Hall.

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