A very Potter production at SDSU

Michelle White

Michelle WhiteReporter

Though Dumbledore may be dead, enthusiasm for the Harry Potter series most certainly is not. On Nov. 21, The SDSU-Civic Symphony will present both classical music and music from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets at 4 p.m. in the Performing Arts Center.

“The event will feature work done by Edvard Grieg, Franz Joseph Haydn and John Williams,” said John Brawand, SDSU-Civic Symphony music director and conductor.

Brawand said he has been incorporating the music from a movie for about five years now. He said he narrows it down to two popular pieces and then looks to see which one was more successful.

“I chose Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets because of the sales phenomenon with both the books and the movies, because it is a nice arrangement, and because it was composed by John Williams who composed the music for Star Wars,” Brawand said. “Plus the musicians love to play a more popular selection.”

Brawand and a student in the Symphony think people will recognize a couple of the pieces.

“I think people will recognize Grieg and the music from Harry Potter,” said Catheryn Reeves, a junior family and consumer science and education major.

She said Grieg’s music sounds like the music on Saturday morning cartoons.

“I recognize it from when I was younger,” Reeves said. “People may not be able to put a name to the music, but they will recognize it.”

Reeves said she likes playing music people recognize because it is more fun for the symphony and the audience. However, she said playing music people recognize is not always easy.

“You have to make sure you are playing it right because people will recognize it and will hear it if you mess up,” Reeves said.

Laura Engelmann, SDSU student and pianist, will perform the piece she auditioned with for the Annual Student Concerto-Aria Competition last year. Engelmann was one of nine winners.

“It is amazing to see her fingers go up and down the keys,” Reeves said. “She does a phenomenal job.”

Brawand hopes for an increase in attendance this year.

“About 400-500 people attended last year’s performance, but I would love for that to increase,” he said.

Reeves encouraged students to attend because it is free for everyone and the exposure to a nice range of music.

“I enjoy the selection of music, ranging from baroque to classical to romantic,” said James Kunz, a senior music education major.

Kunz said these compositions have “withstood the test of time.”

“The orchestra provides us a chance to hear compositions that are hundreds of years old,” Kunz said.

Brawand said he liked the music in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets the most.

“Wands are to be left at the door,” Brawand said.

#1.1782159:3877139370.png:hp-Orchestra-2-Submitted.png:The Civic Symphony is versatile organization with both student and community performers. The Symphony is open to any student or community member who wishes to audition and has a four concert season. :Submitted Photo