Why does The Collegian staff use Twitter?

Ben Lippert

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Tony Gorder, editor-in-chief, @tonygorder: It’s a quick, fun way to share witty observations and cat videos.

Emma DeJong, managing editor, @emmabdejong: Well, it’s mainly because I feel like I should. I’ve only been an active Twitter user for about a month now, and it has already become my main method of receiving news and posting news.

David Hubbard, web editor, @hubbardgenesis: I use twitter to keep up to date with celebrities, business contacts and friends.

Robby Gallagher, photo editor, @Robby_G_Photo: I use twitter to get tips on how to better my photography skills. Not to find out where everyone is every waking moment of the day.

Kristine Young, news editor, @kristine323: Twitter is a great way to keep up with what’s going on around the world and with your friends and family.

Susan Smith, adviser, @smithknits: I began using Twitter because it was the next step in my path towards world domination through social media and the knitting. And also because it finds all the fun things I need to read and puts it in one place – like the knitting.

Drue Aman, sports editor, @drueaman: I read more because of Twitter. I no longer search for the subjects I like to read – they come to me. I can now chronicle my 140-character thoughts, like how I wish my car smelled like the taste of orange Tic Tacs. Can I receive my sponsorship check now?

Stephen Brua, photo editor @stevebrua: I do it to see what @bw_henderson @ajhasz and @benlippert are up to and to learn some stuff

Brandon Henderson, visual editor, @bw_henderson: I use Twitter for collaboration, participation and recognition.

Marcus Traxler, assistant sports editor, @marcustraxler: Nothing is more instant than Twitter. News and wit just flows in and I try to soak up as much as I can.

Aerica Hasz, advertising manager, @ajhasz: Although I have had Twitter for awhile, I am slowly starting to use it more and more to read news and connect with friends.

Tony Reiss, director of marketing and branding, @ajreiss: For some reason, perhaps delusion, I think that people want to experience the most mundane events in my life. #noticethatiused140characters?

Elizabeth Reiss, opinion/copy editor, @elizabethreiss I am on Twitter to follow news and magazines, and as a quick way to stay informed about things that interest me. I like to be able to check everything in one place.

Ben Lippert, Juice editor, @benlippert: It’s my RSS feed, and my job.