End to parking agony: more spots, lower tickets

Drue Aman

New additions to parking may change the way some students travel around campus.

Work on more parking spots throughout campus, a new parking system and a university department focused solely on parking matters should lessen car chaos on SDSU property, parking committee member Tom Henley said Tuesday.

The Union parking lot will become a gated pay lot with the option of an hourly or daily fee. Henley said an undetermined amount of parking meters are planned to be installed around the Union as well, allowing students without specific parking passes a way to avoid a parking ticket. Rates for daily and hourly parking spots have not been finalized. Construction in that lot is expected to be done by the end of September, Henley said.

Parking lots east of Young, Binnewies and Caldwell halls were re-paved this summer, smoothing the old lots while also adding hundreds of new parking spaces east of Caldwell. Those new spots should be complete by the end of September. Commuter parking spots have also seen an overhaul, including more spaces for commuter drivers in the parking lot west of Coughlin-Alumni Stadium.

“The changes can be easy to miss if you aren’t aware of them,” Henley said, “and UPD officers have been issuing citations since last weekend.”

“You have got to watch the signs, or you’re going to get in trouble,” he said.

Students can expect a less expensive ticket, with some violation fees being lowered to $40 or $50 depending on the violation. Previously fines were either $50 or $100.

Other changes to lots include:

• Hansen Hall parking lots, Meadows north and south parking lots are now 91 lots, as of Tuesday morning

• The parking lot just south of Brown Hall is now a residential 19 lot

• More residential parking by the Agricultural Heritage Museum, fewer spots for commuters.

• Back and forth parking from 91 lots to 19 lots is now prohibited, exc