Enough war, vote “Yes” on Constitutional Amendment A

Letter To The Editor

War has become the defining point of this generation. It is ever present and continually growing. The entire world is in an upheaval that can all be traced back to the destabilizing effect of our conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. To date, over 1 million non-combatants (those not fighting against us) perished in these nations – as a direct result of our actions there. We lost over 3,000 people during the terrible attack on our nation on September 11, 2001, and it is undeniable that justice needs to be served. But it is getting more and more difficult to justify the extraordinary amount of death and destruction as a response.

It may not have been possible to predict that we would be living with a decade of fighting, but we are nonetheless. It is time to revisit not only why we go to war, but the process in which we can. Starting on October 11, 2011, you, the student body of South Dakota State University, can take part in an Amendment process to the United States Constitution by voting “yes” for Amendment A. Voting is fast and easy through your MyState or InsideState home pages, and also at Briggs Library.  It is now in your hands. Do your part to limit how we can and do go to war.

Jonathan Weiler

SDSU Student